Unequal women in United States films and media

This video from the USA says about itself:

See GTV student producer Sequoya brings Sojourner Truth alive. The “Ain’t I A Woman” speech is as poignant today as it was back in 1851.

From Women’s eNews in the USA:

On-Screen Sex Ratios Add Up to One Big Minus

Run Date: 04/02/08

By Lynn Ziegler
WeNews correspondent

There are more women on TV and film these days than decades ago. But media researchers say healthy on-screen representation is missing and Lynn Ziegler says the big picture has to change.

… the fact that women make up more than half the world’s population is not reflected on-screen. The male-female on-screen ratio is still only 1-in-3, up from a more dismal 1-in-5 two decades ago.

In a study presented at the conference of 13 top-grossing children’s films with female leads–produced between the mid-1930s through the 1990s and many of them from Disney–only one featured a character who wasn’t looking for “happily ever after” with a prince. Dorothy Gale, from “The Wizard of Oz“–the oldest movie in the bunch as it so happens–kept her eyes on a different prize: going home.

Gender inequality in film is still disheartening: here.

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