Lesser flamingo in Dutch nature reserve

This is a video about lesser flamingos at Lake Bogoria, Kenya.

From Dutch radio program Vroege Vogels:

2 April 2008 10:48

In nature reserve De Petten on Texel island, there is a lesser flamingo. The bird has been present already since early February in this area, owned by Natuurmonumenten. Wildlife rangers Eric Menkveld and Eckard Boot made this exciting discovery while putting a webcam recording the breeding of the [Sandwich] terns this spring there.

“Lesser flamingos originally live only in West Africa,” Eric Menkveld tells.

That should be East Africa.

The wildlife ranger says this bird is not a zoo escapee. “He is not banded, like zoo animals are.” According to Menkveld, the flamingo is doing fine. “The Petten are a salt water nature reserve on the land side of a dike, full of Palaemonidae shrimps and amphipods; he will be able to eat his fill.” …

With some luck, people will also be able to see the flamingo on the webcam here, put there to observe the Sandwich terns.

At the webcam site, go here and click on Flamingo op bezoek, to see the lesser flamingo, avocets, etc.

2 thoughts on “Lesser flamingo in Dutch nature reserve

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