Spiders in the Netherlands, and in Buckingham Palace gardens, England

Philodromus margaritatus

Yesterday, the spider species Philodromus margaritatus was observed in the Netherlands.

The photo is here.

It is a rare species for the Netherlands.

In the gardens of Buckingham Palace in London, England, in 2002 112 spider species were found; including 2 species which were new for London. Nearly double the 57 spider species found there in 1954. The rise in number of species is thought to be caused by the stopping of coal heating which causes smog, which is a problem for spiders.

The species include the giant house spider.

There are also other animals in Buckingham Palace gardens, including 16 worm species and 35 bird species, including the kingfisher.

Source about 2002: Leidsch Dagblad, 27 March 2002.


3 thoughts on “Spiders in the Netherlands, and in Buckingham Palace gardens, England

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