British government admits murdering and torturing Iraqis, after five years

This video is about British soldiers torturing and abusing Iraqi prisoners.

From the BBC:

MoD to admit breach on Mousa case

The Ministry of Defence is to admit breaching the human rights of an Iraqi man who died in British custody in Basra, the defence secretary has said.

Des Browne said the MoD would also admit breaching the rights of eight other Iraqi men at a High Court hearing due to take place on Friday.

This will pave the way for compensation claims by Baha Mousa’s family and the others that may run to six-figure sums.

The 26-year-old hotel receptionist was beaten to death in September 2003.

So, after five years, the British government admits murder and torture, perpetrated in 2003.

The murder and torture, perpetrated by British occupiers in Iraq right now, will maybe be admitted in 2013.

In New Book, Chilean Ambassador to the UN Details Bush Admin’s Pre-War Efforts to Coerce Allies into Supporting Iraq Invasion: here.

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