Poetry, music, and more on 25 March

This is a music video of Daisy Cools’s song Eternal Newcomer.

On 25 March, there was a night with poetry, music, and more in the theatre.

The first music was bij Daisy Cools from Rotterdam. Her last song was Satellite.

Then, poems, many of them sonnets, by Bart de Haas from Warmond. He dedicated his last poem to two of his heroes, Pablo Neruda and Hugo Claus.

Then, a capella singing by De Barbarella’s. At earlier concerts, this foursome used to wear air hostess uniforms. However, tonight they wore black dresses, long black gloves, etc. They sang Route 66; and Till there was you, by the Beatles. Finally, Rockin’ robin. However, the bird sounds in the song made the singers giggle, so they promised to do the song again after the pause.

Then, yours truly spoke about five years of war in Iraq.

Then, stage magician Tilman Andris. He talked about the history of stage magic, and then did two tricks.

Finally, the Barbarella’s again. They sang It’s my party. And You make me feel like a natural woman. And, finally, Rockin’ robin, this time without giggling.

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