NATO kills six Afghani civilians

This video is called ‘Afghanistan Civilian Deaths’.

From the Herald Sun in Australia:

Coalition soldiers kill six Afghani civilians

By Elyas Wahdat in Muqibel

March 19, 2008 06:35pm

US-led coalition troops killed three men, two children and a woman, in a raid in southeastern Afghanistan, the district chief and village residents said today.

They said the victims, from the families of two brothers, were all civilians, but the US military said the two brothers were involved in conducting improvised explosive device operations.

The issue of civilian casualties is a sensitive one as it undermines public support for the presence of foreign troops and the pro-Western government of President Hamid Karzai.

“We will join the jihad” and “Death to Bush”, chanted residents of the village of Muqibel in the province of Khost where the incident happened overnight.

Foreign troops raided two adjacent houses belonging to two brothers and killed three men, two children and a woman from the two families, district governor Gul Qasim said.

The children, both boys no older than 10-years-old bore bullet wounds to the head and chest, a witness said.

A large angry crowd of men gathered as villagers helped the local imam wash the bodies before burial. Women could be heard screaming and wailing from inside the houses.

1 thought on “NATO kills six Afghani civilians

  1. Fitzgibbon slams NATO

    Updated: 13:06, Wednesday March 19, 2008

    Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says Australia will not be sending any more troops to Afghanistan, until NATO cleans up its act.

    Speaking in Canberra, Mr Fitzgibbon said our commitment to Afghanistan was not unconditional.

    ‘We won’t even consider putting in additional people or resources while ever that new strategy is absent, while ever those under-committed NATO countries continue to decline,’ he said.

    Mr Fitzgibbon and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd head to Bucharest next month for a NATO summit.

    Source: Skynews Australia


    Canadian terror suspect Khadr accuses U.S. interrogators of abuse


    The Canadian Press

    March 18, 2008

    Read 1 comment »

    – Canadian terror suspect Omar Khadr says he was terribly abused by U.S. interrogators who dropped him, repeatedly pushed his masked face into a wall until he passed out and threatened him with rape.

    In an affidavit released today, Khadr outlines in detail what happened after he was captured during a firefight in Afghanistan on July 27, 2002. The firefight ended with American soldiers shooting him twice in the back.

    Unconscious for a week afterward, Khadr says the interrogations began while he was still on a stretcher and that he cried because of the pain inflicted during questioning.

    Many of the specifics of the measures used by U.S. soldiers were blacked out by the military before the eight-page document was made public.

    But it says Khadr “figured out right away” that he should tell his interrogators whatever they wanted to hear – just to keep from being abused.

    Khadr, then 15 years old, estimates he was questioned 42 times during the three months he spent at the U.S. facility in Bagram near Kabul before he was transferred to the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    His chief interrogator at Bagram was revealed last week at a military commission hearing to be Sgt. Joshua Claus, who was court-martialled after an Afghan prisoner was beaten to death.

    Khadr doesn’t name anyone but refers to a young blond man with glasses and a small tattoo on the top of his forearm.

    Interrogators pulled him off his stretcher, threw cold water on him and brought barking dogs into the room while his head was covered with a bag, said Khadr.

    They forced him to carry heavy buckets of water while he was still wounded and woke him up in the middle of the night to clean the floor and dry it until dawn.

    “On several occasions at Bagram, interrogators threatened to have me raped or sent to other countries like Egypt, Syria, Jordan or Israel to be raped,” Khadr said.

    “Many times, during the interrogations, I was not allowed to use the bathroom and was forced to urinate on myself.”

    Many of Khadr’s allegations about his treatment have become public over the years through his lawyers, including one instance in Guantanamo when he was dragged back and forth like a human mop through a mixture of urine and pine oil on the floor.

    Copyright © 2008 The Canadian Press


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