Sandhill cranes on webcam

This video from the USA is of several thousand Sandhill Cranes flying in at sunset from feeding in the nearby cornfields to roost on the Platte River for the night during their annual migration.

From BirdLife:

Crane Cam goes live!


Audubon (BirdLife in US) and National Geographic have teamed-up to allow people online around the globe to witness the largest concentration of Sandhill Cranes Grus canadensis in the world from a unique ‘cranes-eye view’.

The Crane Cam is providing outstanding views of Sandhill Cranes in the shallow waters of the Platte River within Audubon’s Rowe Sanctuary.

Each spring over a half-million Sandhill Cranes congregate on Nebraska’s Platte River in one of the world’s greatest migration spectacles.

The best time to watch the cranes on the Crane Cam is early morning [Nebraska North American time], starting from first light to well after sunrise, and late afternoon until dark. During the day, the cranes are feeding in local farm fields. Around dusk they return to the river to spend the night on submerged sandbars in the river, where they are secure from predators. The setting has been described as “the world’s largest singles bar for cranes.”

“The cranes just keep coming. It is an amazing sight to see and hear, and it’s available for everyone,” said Brad Mellema, Director of the Iain Nicolson Audubon Center at Rowe Sanctuary.

The last day to view this year’s Crane Cam is 6th April 2008.

Record 40,499 Sandhill cranes counted in southern Arizona: here.

Environmentalists call on Kentucky Governor to halt sandhill crane hunt: here.

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