First ever cheetah born in Mountain Zebra National Park, South Africa

This video from National Geographic says about itself:

Two cheetahs cubs think they found an easy meal when they catch a gemsbok calf, until they are confronted by the calf’s determined mother.

From Wildlife Extra:

The first ever cheetah born in Mountain Zebra National Park

March 2008. Park rangers first spotted four cubs, along with their two-year old mother, in the Kranskop area of the Mountain Zebra National Park. These cubs were estimated to be about 6 weeks old. Amazingly, several days later, the rangers spotted that another four cubs, about 4 weeks old, had been born to the other female cheetah in the Park.

Reintroduced into Mountain Zebra National Park in 2007

Two male and two female cheetah were released into the Park last year, becoming the first large predators to inhabit the Park since its proclamation in 1937 and fulfilling an important function in restoring the predator-prey balance, as well as enriching the biodiversity of the Park.

The female cheetahs are sisters and just two years old, a young age for cheetahs to give birth. In an area supporting a larger population of cheetah, the breeding of young females such as these would have been suppressed by older females.

Brown hyenas reintroduced to Mountain Zebra National Park: here.

Spotted hyenas: here.

October 2012. Tourism is one of the most effective ways to preserve Africa’s national parks and protected areas while creating jobs and income for local communities. This was one of the main conclusions of the First Pan-African Conference on Sustainable Tourism in African National Parks, organized by UNWTO and the Government of Tanzania (Arusha, Tanzania, 15-18 October 2012): here.

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