Unknown Arthur Miller manuscripts discovered

This video from the USA is called Arthur Miller’s The Crucible Act 1.

Translated from The Art Server in Belgium:

Unknown Arthur Miller manuscripts found

In boxes with documents, Christopher Bigsby, a prominent Arthur Miller scholar, has found some manuscripts of stories and novels of the US American author which have never been published before. The handwritten and typescript pages include attacks on racism in the USA. Arthur Miller (New York City, 1915 – Roxbury (Connecticut), 2005) became world famous because of his theatre play ‘Death of a Salesman‘ which won the Pulitzer prize in 1949. Other well known work by Miller is: ‘The Crucible’ (1952), about the Salem with trials [and 1950s McCarthyism], ‘A View from the Bridge‘, ‘All My Sons‘ and ‘Homely Girl’, of which in 2001 a film was made called Eden.

Arthur Miller: a principled playwright: here.

Death of a Salesman memorably exposes the delusion that ‘the only thing you’ve got in this world is what you can sell,’ says GORDON PARSONS: here.

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