Black-tailed godwits and flowers

This is a black-tailed godwit video.

Today, to the nature reserve.

As I pass Oud Poelgeest wood, many wood anemones flowering. Further, in a private ditch, (tame) common goldeneyes and mandarin ducks.

The two white storks are searching for food in the meadow below their nest. Later, I see one of them on the nest.

On the meadow east of the reserve: grey lag geese, Egyptian geese, common shelducks, carrion crows, a magpie, Northern lapwings. I hear calls of black-tailed godwits. In the canal, a great crested grebe swimming with a fish in its beak. It is a sizable fish and he has some trouble gulping it down. Coots and moorhens on the banks.

In the castle pond, not just mallards, but also a female gadwall, preening.

Wood anemones.

As I go back along the railway track, a male chaffinch. And many fig buttercups flowering. A bit further, a great cormorant flies along the canal.

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