Anti-gay prejudices of a Scottish Roman Catholic bishop

This video from Italy is called Gay Pride Rome 2006 Music Clip by Saverio Pavia.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Blessed by ignorance

(Thursday 13 March 2008)

NO-ONE should have been surprised by Bishop of Motherwell Joseph Devine‘s allegation that the gay community has aligned itself with Holocaust survivors to give the impression that lesbians and gays are still persecuted.

After all, most religions shelter some people blessed by ignorance and inhumanity in equal measure.

But the alacrity with which the Catholic church rushed out a statement backing the bishop’s bigotry will have surprised and shocked many who associate it with more humane attitudes.

Did nobody in the church hierarchy have the presence of mind to inform the bishop that gay groups’ involvement in commemorating the nazi Holocaust derives from the persecution of lesbians and gays under the third reich?

They, along with communists, trade unionists, Gypsies, Slavs and other alleged “subhumans” were sent to the concentration and extermination camps alongside the Jews of occupied Europe.

Gay people take part in Holocaust remembrance activities, as do representatives of all other communities targeted by the nazis, to bear witness to the scale of the crimes committed and to raise public awareness as a means of preventing any repeat.

The ongoing phenomena of aggressive imperialist wars, organised state and non-state terrorism, mass slaughter and collective punishment of civilians and the persistence of hatred based on racial, national, religious and sexual differences indicate that much remains to be done.

The Catholic church’s conduct during the Holocaust was less than honourable and its historical anti-semitism was a contributory cause of it.

Its role in recent decades in covering up the sexual abuse of countless vulnerable women and children by clergymen ought to give it reason to pause before stirring up hostility against people who still face discrimination.

Yes, there have been legal steps forward in the past 40 years, but changing the law does not change public consciousness automatically.

To counterpose the incarceration of Oscar Wilde a century ago with the lionising of Ian McKellen today as an illustration that gay people no longer have any problems in society is ludicrous.

Rearguard anti-gay battles fought by a number of religious forces incite popular prejudice, which is expressed in various forms of discrimination or can result in personal verbal or physical abuse.

Bishop Devine’s references to a “huge and well-orchestrated conspiracy” and “a lifestyle alien to the Christian tradition,” together with his warning that Catholics “neglect the gay movement at our peril,” can only be calculated to spur hostility to lesbians and gays. And the failure of the church hierarchy to condemn his bigoted comments will encourage others to echo his “gay conspiracy” claims.

However, the fact that religious representatives are taking an increasingly strident tone over homosexuality, contraception and abortion indicates that they feel that they are losing the argument.

Many Catholics, in common with people of other faiths, are not convinced by these positions and will not accept pronouncements such as those by Bishop Devine, even while remaining church members.

One of the beauties of a multicultural, largely secular society is that edicts by official or dominant religious creeds can no longer surmount the power of reason generated by the daily contacts and interaction of a diverse population.

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