Massive domestic spying in the USA

USA: Keith Olbermann gives a special comment on President Bush’s promise to veto any extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that does not grant telecommunications companies immunity: here.

By Bill Van Auken:

Massive NSA operation exposed as Congress prepares vote on domestic spying bill

11 March 2008

As the Democratic-led House of Representatives prepares to vote on legislation that essentially strips the American people of the constitutional protection from warrantless spying, the Wall Street Journal published an article Monday detailing the massive scale and intrusive character of the government’s illegal surveillance operations.

The Senate has already passed—with substantial bipartisan support—domestic spying legislation that rubberstamps the Bush administration’s demand for virtually unfettered wiretapping within the US. At the same time, the Senate bill provides retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies that violated their customers’ privacy rights by collaborating in the government’s illegal surveillance.

Update 15 March 2008: here.

A federal judge has rebuffed the Obama administration’s latest attempt to defend illegal Bush-era eavesdropping, ruling that a now defunct US Islamic charity, Al-Haramain, and two of its lawyers are entitled to money damages because government agents failed to obtain a warrant before tapping their phones: here.

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