17 thoughts on “Xenophobia under New Labour in Britain

  1. Tragedy of Israel and Palestine

    Here follow the March 11, 2008, press picks from what was published recently by different sources – posted by TOI-staff on Occupation Magazine. (We did the updating today, but OM is updated daily, each day of the week by a different editor. For earlier articles use the powerfull search function & view the sections.)

    Excerpts from Israeli commentators
    Ori Nir – Americans For Peace Now – “And perhaps therein lies the problem: the rigid thinking that an assassination in Gaza leads to rocket fire on Sderot, which leads to a ground operation and the death of 120 Hamas members in Gaza, which leads to the detonation of a bomb at Kissufim, which ensures the continued bombardment of Gaza, which leads to the decision by a man with the anti-profile of a suicide-terrorist to set off on a campaign of murder in the center of Jerusalem… And perhaps what we need here is a new way of thinking. To look for the crack we can use to burst forward. After all, it has been clear for a long time that it was a mistake to assume that time was working in our favor, just as it has been clear that the argument ‘when force doesn’t work use even greater force’ was misguided. [Sima Kadmon in Yedioth Ahronott, Sunday March 9]

    Tragedy of Israel and Palestine
    Mark Levine – Aljazeera – Americans have grown so accustomed to the disastrous dynamics operating between Israelis and Palestinians today that the failure to reach a peace deal amid the soaring death tolls assumes an aura of normalcy in their minds. This reflects a situation we imagine ourselves to be powerless to help change and only adds to the tragedy unfolding in the Occupied Territories and Israel as well.

    Israeli army shuts down a Radio station in Jenin
    Ali Samoudi – IMEMC – This morning Al-Majd Radio station, Jenin, was ransacked, and closed for two years – the IDF claiming that it`s a terror-linked station.

    Animals` marching in protest to UN Gaza office
    Ma`an – “Where is the world`s conscience?” Save the children of Gaza”, “Gaza is dying; end the siege,” “Is the UN an international lie?” and “The UN has to end the siege of Gaza.”

    Abbas accuses Barak of sabotaging the negotiations
    Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC – Abbas said that talks of final Status are `ongoing` with the Israelis but are not `going forward` [quotation marks-ed]

    I am your friend, but…
    AP – Jerusalem Post – Sarkozy`s France has reacted coolly to Israel`s recent announcements that it was stepping up housing and apartment construction in the West Bank and in east Jerusalem. “Israel`s security depends on a stop to the colonization,” Sarkozy told Peres during their meeting at the Elysee Palace.

    UN chief: Israel should halt settlement expansion
    Ynet & agencies – Israeli decision to build hundreds of new homes in Jewish settlement in West Bank draws global criticism. Ban Ki-moon urges government to drop plan, reiterates that `fulfillment of Road Map obligations by both parties is an important measure.` US says move does not help peace talks

    Unwavering commitment to inequality
    Ramzy Baroud – Al-Ahram – When will the media begin to provide a context and stop manipulating terms and numbers in such a way that the Palestinians are always at fault? When will we accept that military occupation and state-sponsored terror begets violence and breeds more terror. This is the case in Palestine, as everywhere else. It will remain so until circumstances change.

    Amos Oz: Left wing can return to power in next elections, but…
    Mazal Mualem – Haaretz – Oz said that “more and more Israelis are fed up with the right wing, the settlements, and have come to the conclusion that enough is enough” but he leveled harsh criticism on Defense Minister and Labor Party Chair Ehud Barak, who he said has “abandoned the dream of peace” and calling the Labor party a “crumbling political entity.”

    Between black and grey / Barak = Milosevic
    Akiva Orr – Our attitude to Zionism must nor blind us to internal differences within the Zionist camp. Sharet was different from Ben Gurion and Eshkol was different from Golda. They have Hawks, Vultures, and also Doves. I oppose them all – including the Doves. But I do not ignore their differences. A conflict – even when inevitable – can take various forms. In the current situation in Gaza I prefer – for the sake of the Gaza people and also for the Israeli citizens in their vicinity – a milder form. This is possible. The overall conflict does not necessarily imply daily Israeli killing in Gaza.

    and a recommended article posted earlier:

    No discounts and no installments
    Akiva Eldar – Haaretz – When a terrorist from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jebel Mukaber murders yeshiva students in the west of the city, the Israeli genius proposes unilateral withdrawal from the capital`s “outer neighborhoods.” How easy and simple: Wherever they shoot, we pull out. The rest of the territories will wait patiently for convergence, Annapolis, a shelf agreement, or the next catastrophe. Whatever comes first

    Daily headlines & action alerts in English http://www.kibush.co.il and Hebrew http://www.kibush.co.il/index_h.asp


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