Election defeat in France for Sarkozy

This French music video is called Mariage Sarkozy Carla Bruni clip parodie.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy had said that the saw the local elections of yesterday as a test for the popularity of his presidency … well … err … he began to backtrack about that after he saw his party plunge in the public opinion polls …

From British daily The Guardian:

French turn away from ruling party in first round of local elections

Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling centre-right party today began a frenzied week of campaigning after the left made gains in the opening round of local elections, but did not deliver the outright “red wave” of anti-Sarkozy feeling that some had predicted.

Around 36,700 cities, towns and villages will vote for their mayors and local councillors in the final round run-off next Sunday. Some had predicted a “punishment vote” against Sarkozy, who ten months into his presidency has hit record levels of unpopularity. He has been criticised for his irreverent personal style, the poor’s continuing struggle to make ends meet and his watered-down reforms.

Nationwide, leftwing parties won 47% of the vote compared with 45% for the right, according to Interior Ministry results. Le Parisien newspaper carried the headline “The Warning”, saying the large turnout reflected the exasperation of the French people. Despite Sarkozy’s promises to kickstart the economy, there has been a lack of improvement to feeble French spending power, the paper claimed.

By Alex Lantier:

Barely nine months into a five-year term, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is encountering widespread opposition that threatens to grow into a full-scale crisis. His approval rating is collapsing, amid the discrediting of his campaign promises and growing popular resentment of his policies, as well as his ostentatious personal style. Bourgeois politicians and the press are increasingly criticizing his demeanor and questioning his fitness to rule. …

According to a CSA poll released on February 29, Sarkozy’s approval rating stands at 33 percent, with 61 percent disapproving of his performance; 56 percent of those polled said that Sarkozy “does not represent the office of president well.” For 65 percent of those polled, Sarkozy “is not doing what he should to unify the French people.” …

Sarkozy’s ostentatious public relationship with former supermodel and songwriter Carla Bruni — with whom he traveled over Christmas in financier Vincent Bolloré’s private jet to luxury quarters in Luxor, Egypt — has further alienated the population. Sarkozy married Bruni, his third wife, on February 2.

The relationship has also contributed to the failure of Sarkozy’s clumsy attempts to woo the religious right. This contradiction was perhaps best expressed by his December 20, 2007, speech to the Lateran Palace in Rome. Press coverage in the lead-up to the event was dominated by speculation as to whether the twice-divorced Sarkozy would dare bring his girl-friend with him as he spoke to the Catholic hierarchy.

Ultimately, Sarkozy left Bruni behind. He then delivered an almost comically bizarre speech, in which he staked a claim to a special French relationship with the Church rooted in the Christian conversion of the late 5th-century Germanic chieftain Clovis, who ruled large parts of what is today France — as well as on a tendentious list of Catholic French artists.

Sarkozy’s latest move towards the religious right, sending public greetings on February 24 to the ordaining of four ultra-traditionalist (“Lefebvrist”) deacons who insist on celebrating Mass in Latin, was widely criticized in the press. In an article pointing out that Lefebvrists are engaged in technically illegal occupations of churches in France, the daily Libération quoted Catholic journalist Christian Terras: “In Nicolas Sarkozy’s mental architecture, there is no secular Republic that can exist in a higher sense. The higher sense, for him, is religion. … In the current context where he is falling in the polls, religion is a refuge for him.”

The Teaching League (Ligue de l’enseignement) has launched a petition, titled “Protect the Republic’s secularism,” which has garnered 100,000 signatures over the past month.

See also here.

Lefebvrists have close links to the extreme Right party of Le Pen. Le Pen, received by Sarkozy at the presidential palace; while all earlier presidents had refused to do so …

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