The first Dutch dinosaur

This video from the USA is called Hadrosaur vertebrae found in 1992 and my work on them.

Translated rom Dutch daily NRC:

Drifting dead body in the sea of Maastricht

In our country, mainly covered with clay, they were not expected: dinosaur remains. However, by now about two dozen bones have been found. And a hadrosaur reconstruction relating to those finds has been made.

For the first time ever, a Dutch dinosaur has been reconstructed. The beast, about the size of an Indian elephant, belongs to the hadrosaurs: duck-billed animals, with over a thousand (reserve) teeth and with crests on their heads.

The Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht is exhibiting the hadrosaur, and palaeontologist Anne Schulp wrote a little book about it.

Schulp thinks that those [26 Dutch dinosaur] remains, except in one case, belong to one or two sizable hadrosaur species.

A hadrosaur, found close to the Chinese-Russian border river Amur (an amurosaurus), is at the base of the reconstruction. A Dutch piece of femur, according to Schulp, ‘looks exactly like’ the amurosaurus femur.

Dinosaur names: here.

Scientists find first dinosaur tracks on Arabian Peninsula: here.

9 thoughts on “The first Dutch dinosaur

  1. I’ve just read that the research is now linking the Dutch Dinosaur to the Chinese one creating an interesting geographical pattern.
    Thanks for the post.


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  3. Hi Juanita, thanks for these comments! Unfortunately, I will not be at a place where I will have access to my password until in a week’s time, so I cannot yet reply to your message there.


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