British media cowardice on Prince Harry in the Afghan war

This Associated Press video is called Prince Harry Returns Early From Afghanistan. See also here.

By Chris Marsden:

Britain’s media fashions its “warrior prince

3 March 2008

Rarely has the servility of the British media been given such free and full expression.

The dispatch of Prince Harry—third in line to the British throne after his father, Charles, and elder brother, William—to Afghanistan’s Helmand province was as naked a piece of political propaganda as could be imagined. Orchestrated by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), it was carried out with the compliance of every single newspaper and TV channel in the UK.

All the major news outlets throughout the world were also part of the conspiracy to deceive the public, with both CNN and Reuters publicly admitting their complicity. When the story finally broke, it did so only as a result of an article published in an Australian magazine, New Idea, whose editors said they were unaware of the worldwide media embargo. It was then the subject of a short article in the German daily tabloid Berliner Kurier and finally made known to a wider audience when it was picked up by the right-wing Internet news-aggregator site, the Drudge Report, on February 28.

See also here.

Prince used as propaganda for Afghan war, says soldier’s father: here.

British soldiers in Afghanistan: here.

Flat Earth News by Nick Davies; review of book about media: here. And here.

This video is a Dutch TV interview with Nick Davies (in English).

5 thoughts on “British media cowardice on Prince Harry in the Afghan war

  1. Sad on jobs but sod the Readers Digest

    Wednesday 24 February 2010

    I seldom disagree with the content of my favourite newspaper.

    However I strongly feel that we should show scant respect for the demise of Readers Digest.

    It has been a reactionary, crap read for as long as I can remember as well as being a conduit for CIA material.

    Nick Davies has recently made the point in his book, Flat Earth News, which I recommend.

    It is always sad when working people lose their jobs but I cannot sympathise with Readers Digest.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Jim Dry


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