Carnivorous dinosaurs found in Sahara

This video says about itself:

Here is a tribute to Abelisaurids, with the song “Savin’ Me” by Nickelback.

This video features Abelisaurus, Aucasaurus, Carnotaurus, Ekrixinatosaurus, Ilokelesia, Indosaurus, Indosuchus, Majungasaurus/Majungatholus, Rajasaurus, Rugops, and Xenotarsosaurus.

From British daily The Independent:

‘Fierce-eyed’ grandfather of T-rex found in Sahara

By Steve Connor, Science Editor

Thursday, 14 February 2008

The remains of two meat-eating dinosaurs have been unearthed in the Sahara desert where they once terrorised their prey.

The fossilised bones of the two dinosaurs were excavated during an expedition in 2000 but it is only now that scientists have been able to identify and name them as a newly discovered pair of carnivorous species that lived 110 million years ago.

One of the new dinosaurs is a short-snouted creature that grew to about 25 feet long. Scientists have called it Kryptops palaios, or “old hidden face”, because of the horny covering on its snout.

Kryptops may have lived on dead or dying animals in the manner of a modern hyena. Like later members of its group, the abelisaurids of South America and India, Kryptops had short, armoured jaws and small teeth, which were well designed for gobbling guts and gnawing. The other dinosaur, a contemporary of similar size, has been named Eocarcharia dinops or “fierce-eyed dawn shark”, because of its blade-shaped teeth and prominent bony eyebrow. Unlike Kryptops, its teeth were more suited to attacking live prey and severing body parts, the scientists said.

Carcharodontosaurids, the group to which Eocarcharia belongs, gave rise to the largest predators on the southern continents, which were as big, if not bigger than a T-rex. …

Mr Serano [sic; Sereno] and Mr Brusatte formally described the fossils in a study published this week in the journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica.

Concavenator, a Spanish carnivorous dinosaur: here. And here.

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