Slam poetry night

This video from the USA is about the New York Knicks Poetry Slam program, with poetess Cellise Craig.

Tonight, eight poets at the slam poetry night.

First on stage (he later said that a later spot would probably have been preferable, as at the beginning of the night there were not that many people yet) was Peter van den Berg. His poems were about laws; and about extinction of dinosaurs.

Then, Kaatje Wharton from Antwerp in Belgium; with poems about love, and a bird. She is an organizer of poetry events as well.

Then, Reinier de Rooie, organizer of poetry slams in Hengelo.

As last first round poet before the pause, Yassine S from Rotterdam. He started writing poetry eight years ago. Wearing a cap, he read poems about time, and other subjects.

First after the pause was mental health care student Saskia Bron, with poems about typing and love.

Then, Martin Beversluis, who had recently organized the first poetry slam in Tilburg. He read poems published in his (artistically illustrated) poetry books.

Then, Menno Smit from Rotterdam, also a poetry events organizer. His voice being loud, he did not use a microphone.

Then, yours truly, with poems on love, a ladybug, writing, and the 1999 Yugoslavia war. Someone reacting from the audience said that she liked the ladybug poem best.

The jury decided that four poets would go to the next round: Yassine S., Martin, Menno, and yours truly.

Yassine read a poem about Rotterdam. Martin read one about a hermit; Menno one about love.

I read poems about the war in Iraq; Dutch Princess Mabel; painting; an umbrella; and love. I heard positive reactions especially about the Iraq and painting poems.

The jury decided that Yassine S. and Martin were going to the final round. There, Yassine read poems about a cookie and about computers. Martin read one about love.

The jury decided that Martin was the winner. The audience decided that Yassine was the winner. They both still read one poem; Martin’s was about his father who had died.

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