5 thoughts on “Wildlife of beautiful Socotra island threatened by ‘developers’

  1. House Crow eradicated from Socotra – Alien invasive House Crow Corvus splendens has been successfully removed from the island of Socotra. “Eradication of the House Crow from Socotra has removed the risk posed to our native fauna”, said Nadim Taleb – the National coordinator for the GEF, Governance and Biodiversity Mainstreaming Project. This news follows ten years work by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Socotra Archipelago Conservation and Development Programme (SCDP). House Crow arrived on Socotra in 1996 and built up a breeding population of over 10 pairs which posed a threat to native biodiversity. Numerous attempts to trap them failed but an imaginative scheme to control their numbers was successful. Children were paid a reward for bringing a nest containing young to the Socotra Archipelago Conservation and Development Programme. The last birds were killed by a marksman this spring. “The Invasive Species Control Group freed Socotra from the invasive House Crow”, said Omar Al Saghier, National Coordinator for GEF-Small Grant programme. “We now wish them success in their efforts to work alongside local communities to eradicate invasive plants”. The work was undertaken by the Invasive Species Control Group, the EPA and SADP using GEF-Small Grant programme funds.


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