Red-tailed hawk, blue jay video from the USA

This is a video about a red-tailed hawk and a blue jay in the USA.

There is something special, particularly with the blue jay.

Pale Male, the famous Red-tailed Hawk in Central Park, has apparently lost yet another mate. He is already courting a new woman though, so it seems that his large audience will still have a nest to watch: here.

Violet the red-tailed hawk nesting on a Manhattan window ledge amazed experts and hordes of online fans when one of her three eggs beat the odds to hatch a fluffy baby: here.

20 thoughts on “Red-tailed hawk, blue jay video from the USA

  1. There was a huge red tail on a phone pole at my job yesterday. This is in a very urban industrial area of San Francisco. It was, apparently hunting pigeons, but later, when it tried to leave the area, it was attacked by some seagulls. None of us had ever seen a hawk like that in that neighborhood. It was very exciting. Have a great weekend Kitty.


  2. Hi Jon, how nice to see such a beautiful bird. Red-tailed hawks apparently are in other US urban environments as well, like New York City. The breeding pair there has its own web site, here.

    Thanks you for your kind wishes; and a great weekend for you too.


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