Endangered ducks back in New Zealand nature reserve

PatekeFrom Wildlife Extra:

Endangered Pateke – Brown Teal – Released in Special New Zealand Reserve, Tawharanui

Another rare bird species is being welcomed back to Tawharanui this weekend. Up to 30 endangered pateke, or brown teal, will be released into the open sanctuary at Tawharanui Regional Park.

The release of these special ducks is took place on Saturday 2 February, World Wetlands Day – a day where government agencies, interest groups and wetlands around the world undertake actions aimed at raising public awareness of wetland values.

About the pateke

* The pateke is a small brown dabbling duck of teal-like size. It has a distinctive whitish narrow ring around each eye, and its head, face and throat is a mottled brown.
* The Pateke Recovery Captive Breeding Network is made up of 20 volunteer breeders from all around New Zealand who contribute juvenile pateke for release into the wild each year.
* The Tawharanui release is one of four planned for 2008. The others being at Tutukaka in Northland, Cape Kidnappers in the Hawke’s Bay and Tuhua (Mayor) Island.
* This release at is the first of up to four planned for Tawharanui over the next two to three years.
* For further information about pateke go here.

Success and Failure of Releasing Animals Back into the Wild: here.

March 2011: Eighty pateke, New Zealand’s rarest waterfowl, have just been released into Fiordland National Park: here.

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