US military admits to more civilian deaths in Iraq

In this video from Britain

Tony Benn discusses Trident replacement and addresses the rally in Trafalgar Square [in London] during the ‘No Trident’, ‘Troops out of Iraq’ demonstration on 24th February 2007.

By Naomi Spencer:

US military admits to a dozen civilian deaths in Iraq

6 February 2008

The US military confirmed Tuesday that soldiers shot dead at least three Iraqi civilians in their beds Monday night north of Baghdad. The admission comes just a day after military officials acknowledged that nine civilians were killed in an Army air raid south of the capital on February 2.

The incidents, which were only acknowledged by the military after inquiries from the media, highlight the ongoing brutality of the US occupation and its reliance on indiscriminate firepower.

Mounting social distress among returning US troops: here.

2 thoughts on “US military admits to more civilian deaths in Iraq

  1. Your Time Is Up, Mr. President — the National Guard Is Coming Home

    Posted by: “lilgeorgiehas2go”
    Tue Feb 5, 2008 5:53 am (PST)

    Guess what, Mr. President? Your authority to keep state National Guard troops in Iraq has expired. So says a new bill introduced this week to the Vermont Legislature by Rep. Michael Fisher and Sen. Peter Shumlin. It is supported by 30 of their colleagues.

    “It is clear that the mission that Congress authorized no longer exists,” said Fisher. “Unless Congress grants a new authorization, the Vermont Guard should revert back to state control.” The Vermont bill states:

    The Authorization for the Use of Military Force of October 16th, 2002, having expired, the General Assembly declares that all members of the Vermont National Guard should be promptly and expeditiously withdrawn from Iraq, subject only to the conditions of time and manner specifically required to assure their safety and well-being during removal operations … The General Assembly calls on the Governor of Vermont to take prompt steps as the Commander-in-Chief of the Vermont National Guard to effectuate these purposes.

    The Guard are the mainstay of America’s national defense, and as with other American institutions, the Guard’s duties are distributed between the states and the federal government. Unless called into national service, each unit and each individual member of the Guard remains in the service of their respective states.


    Mr. President, your time is up. Your authority is over. The people have said their piece. Now they are beginning to bring the women and men of the National Guard home.


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