Gray jays and global warming in Canada

This video is called Gray Jay feeding.

From National Wildlife Magazine in the USA:

Winter’s Early Birds

By Cynthia Berger

A decades-long study finds that February-nesting gray jays are suffering a shrinking range as global warming heats up their natural “refrigerator”

IN ONTARIO’S ALGONQUIN Provincial Park, February is a lean time for songbirds. The air is frosty, and lakes are lidded with ice. In a month or so, warm weather will bring out swarms of insects, but for now, food is scarce. Yet February is the start of breeding season for gray jays. Within a few weeks, on well-hidden nests, the females will sit on their clutches—three or four pale green, speckled eggs—while snow piles up all around.

Global warming, General Motors’ vice-chairperson of global product development Robert A. Lutz told reporters in a closed-door meeting in January, is “a total crock of shit”: here.

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