Afghan war and Britain

This video is called WORLD AGAINST WAR GLOBAL PEACE DEMO March 15th [2008].

From British daily The Morning Star:

A war that’s unwinnable

(Friday 01 February 2008)

FOREIGN Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown’s observation that the situation in Afghanistan is “very difficult” must rank as a classic example of understatement.

It is nothing less than a complete disaster for the Afghan people and for the troops of the various countries that have become bogged down there at Washington’s demand.

As ever, new Labour was straining at the tapes to be the first to answer the White House call.

After all, how important are 87 dead British soldiers and over 1,400 other casualties in comparison with new Labour’s main objective, which, as ex-ambassador to Washington Christopher Meyer disclosed, was to “get up the arse of the White House and stay there?”

Despite all the puke-making flannel by Gordon Brown and his predecessor Tony Blair about the marvellous job that our boys are doing, they and we know that they have been dumped into another unwinnable war.

Rather than admit this, government ministers project the likelihood of British troops being ensnared in Afghanistan for decades.

NATO and Afghanistan: here.

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