Jaguars at risk as Bush blocks their border crossing

This is a ‘Leopards, Cougars, and Jaguars Mix video.’

From British weekly The Observer:

Jaguars at risk as US blocks their border crossing

* Robin McKie, science editor

* Sunday January 27 2008

America’s determination to halt illegal immigration across its border with Mexico is set to claim an unusual victim – the jaguar.

The US government has just vetoed a plan to save the species, Panthera onca, one of the world’s most endangered, and beautiful, large cats – and activists blame the Bush administration for its determination to cut illegal immigration from Mexico.

The US is building a wall along the border to keep out immigrants. But that would stop jaguars crossing the border and entering the US. We wanted to set up refuges over here and create breeding populations that might save the species, but the government has said “no way”. It doesn’t want anything interfering with that wall,’ said Kieran Suckling, of the US Centre for Biological Diversity. ‘Yet the US is the animals’ best hope of avoiding extinction. Its numbers are declining alarmingly today. But now that chance has been blocked – for political reasons.’

See also here.

Mexican Ranches Transformed Into Endangered Jaguar Reserve: here.

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