In the Valley of Elah, film review

This video is the In the Valley of Elah trailer.

From British daily The Morning Star:

In the Valley of Elah (15)

(Thursday 24 January 2008)

Directed by Paul Haggis

JEFF SAWTELL sees a heart-rending crime thriller with a political conscience that’s been causing a storm in the US.

Four years ago, in a Hooters bar near Fort Benning in Georgia, five soldiers were having a drink after surviving three months in Iraq.

Before the evening was out, Specialist RW Davis was stabbed to death by his buddies, his body doused in petrol, burnt and abandoned.

The men were brought to book with the help of Davis’s father Lanny, a retired army staff sergeant who decided to investigate the crime himself.

He is reported as saying: “My son saw some war atrocities over in Iraq and they had to murder him in order to keep him quiet.”

As they say in movies, those are the essentials of that story.

Written and directed by Academy Award-winning Paul Haggis, it’s ostensibly a crime thriller with a conscious political purpose.

This is signified throughout, but especially in a scene when Old Glory is flying upside down – first in ignorance and then deliberately. Flown on purpose, it’s supposed to signify distress. Obviously, everyone knows that it refers to life under Bush’s neocon regime. …

The trouble is that Haggis has already been cast into the un-American camp by a media owned and controlled by right-wing Republicans.

Thus, the limited US screenings. Show some solidarity by simply seeing it.

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