Oil company gets fined over Erika oil spill

This video is called A day in Gannet City.

From BirdLife:

Victory for biodiversity as oil company gets fined over Erika oil spill


On 16 January, the French oil company Total and the Italian shipping classification society RINA were fined by a Parisian court over their involvement in the huge oil spill that resulted from the sinking of the tanker Erika off the coast of France. The Erika was a 24 year old rusting, Maltese-registered vessel that broke in two during a storm in 1999. The ship leaked 20,000 tonnes of oil in the sea and affected up to 400 km of the Brittany coast.

The oil disaster affected about 150,000 birds and killed 72,000 of them, mainly Common Guillemots Uria aalge, Atlantic Puffins Fratercula arctica, Northern Gannets Morus bassanus and Black-legged Kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla.

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    Just Say No to Oil Shale, Leave the Carbon in the Ground

    Climate Ark a project of Ecological Internet
    January 26, 2008

    Oil shale production in Western U.S. with Department of Energy
    subsidies will prolong dependence upon filthy fossil fuels
    while destroying the climate, water and land

    Oil shale deposits across 17,000 square miles of Colorado,
    Utah and Wyoming hold an estimated 800 billion barrels of oil,
    more than three times Saudi Arabia’s stated reserves. Mining,
    processing and final use of oil shale involve a variety of
    environmental impacts. The process produces four times the
    amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared to normal oil
    production. Vast amounts of water are required in the mining
    process, up to 4 barrels of water for every barrel of oil. It
    would be a reckless and short-sighted to allow full-scale
    commercial production of synthetic crude oils from oil shale
    and other non-conventional sources. Wide scale use of such oil
    will result in decades of further carbon emissions from
    dependence upon fossil fuels, making it impossible to stop
    climate change. Please send a message today to the U.S.
    Department of Energy noting that a sustainable energy future
    does not include oil shale.




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