2007 British flood victims still displaced

This video from Britain is called Gloucestershire Flooding Video 23/7/07.

By Paul Mitchell:

Britain: Thousands still displaced from homes flooded last summer

23 January 2008

Thousands of people in Britain are unable to return to their homes months after they were flooded last summer. Latest estimates suggest over 9,000 families are still living with friends or relatives or in temporary accommodation and that 2,000 of them spent Christmas in caravans.

The misery is made worse by the sight of rising river levels threatening their homes this week because of heavy rainfall. The Environment Agency has issued hundreds of flood warnings and flood watches with its spokesman David King saying, “We’re particularly worried about the Severn Valley—from Shrewsbury right through Gloucester—but also the North, particularly Yorkshire, Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire.”

The most terrible consequence of last summer’s floods was the loss of 13 lives. Many more could have died had it not been for rescue efforts of the emergency services in what was described as “the worst peacetime disaster in living memory.”

The BlairiteBrownite British administrations have followed George W. Bush slavishly on the Iraq war. It seems Bush’s disastrous policies during and after the hurricane Katrina disaster have also been an “inspiration” to them …

Britain: Hundreds of Hull residents still suffering from last year’s floods: here.

Measures promised by central government to help bolster Britain’s flood defences have still not been completed five years after the flooding that prompted them, it emerged yesterday, as continued downpours led to more than 1,000 people being evacuated from their homes: here.

Flooding in US Midwest: A disaster created by capitalism: here.

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