Single mothers in Britain

This video from Britain is called 31-01-07 – Topic One – Single Parents: Get Back To Work.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Mums and myths

(Monday 21 January 2008)

EXHIBITION: Sinners/Scroungers/Saints: Lone mothers, past and present
The Women’s Library, London Metropolitan University, London E1

IAN SINCLAIR praises The Women’s Library for challenging assumptions about single parents.

“People’s understanding of lone mothers have been dominated by myth and misrepresentation,” asserts one display in the Women’s Library’s current exhibition about the history of lone mothers in Britian.

Along with Muslims, Gypsies, asylum-seekers and black youths, single mothers have been fair game for the British press for many years, their punchbag status peaking in the late 1980s and early ’90s.

Who can forget John Redwood and Peter Lilley’s infamous vitriolic attacks on single mothers when they were members of John Major‘s cabinet?

Drawing extensively on the records of the organisations One Parent Families and Gingerbread and using photographs, pamphlets, audio testimony, films, timelines and a visitor comments board, Sinners/Scroungers/Saints aims to right some of the popular myths surrounding lone motherhood.

Although lone-parent households have existed in substantial numbers throughout history, in Britain, their numbers, in common with other industrialised nations, have increased, with an estimated 1.9 million lone parent families caring for 3.1 million children today.

And, while lone parents are not exclusively women, historically, the majority of lone parents have been, with 91 per cent of lone parent families today headed by a woman. …

Sinners/Scroungers/Saints: Lone mothers, past and present runs until March 29.

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