Anti Bush posters in Belgium

This video says about itself:

Design History project about the photomontage designer John Heartfield. How One Wages War With a Scissors.

Translated from Dutch daily NRC, 17 January 2008, printed edition, page 22:

In Mons in Belgium, at the Triennial of Political Posters, one can see sharp posters, cynically attacking the United States and Bush …

Who will not think about the days of John Heartfield, Erwin Blumenfeld, and other European 1930s avant-gardists, with their caustic anti nazi posters and attacks on Hitler, if one sees how George Bush is depicted today?

A compatriot of Bush depicts his president with CD player pictograms, printing ‘eject’ in red. A French artist has superimposed the caption ‘terror is me’ on the unpopular portrait.

A Pole bitterly has replaced all stars and stripes on the flag of the USA with thin barbed wire, with the caption ‘US Army’. Sharpest is the German Lex Drewinski with his 3d version of the Stars and Stripes: wrapped around a coffin. …

American Lanny Sommese made a hilarious creature, a porcupine with a back full of firing gun barrels. This is a bush porcupine, which one may find “under Bush on the ground of Iraq and Afghanistan”.

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