Newts and fungi in botanical garden

This video says about itself:

This female Alpine newt (Mesotriton alpestris) was seen in Belgium.

Some seven years ago, a house in The Hague in the Netherlands was going to be destroyed. The alpine newts (Triturus alpestris; or Mesotriton alpestris) in its garden could not stay there. They were brought to the botanical garden in Leiden. They still reproduce there.

Odd location for wildlife – Newts in a dog bowl: here.

Among the fungi in the botanical garden: the beautiful collared earthstar, Geastrum triplex. And Boletes luridus; which is rare, talking about the Netherlands generally. However, hundreds of this species grow along the canals of Leiden.

Source: Hans Adema, ‘Bijzondere zaken in de Leidse Hortus in 2007’, Vriendennieuws, January 2008.

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