New Mark Fiore animation on the Iraq war

This video from the USA asks: is Republican Presidential candidate John McCain really: The Greatest Critic of The Iraq War?

John McCain has supported President Bush’s stay the course strategy in Iraq from day one.

John McCain, Neocon: here.

There is a new Mark Fiore animation on the Internet.

It is called Surgetopia.

It is about the Iraq war; one year after George W. Bush announced a ‘surge‘.

It is here.

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  1. Posted by: “Jack” bongo_fury2004
    Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:09 pm (PST)

    Memorials, and sorrow, overtake Wood hillside

    By Rick Steelhammer
    Staff writer
    Charleston Gazette (WV)
    January 20, 2008

    PARKERSBURG, WV – On a grassy hillside along U.S. 50 about 10 miles east of Parkersburg, 40 rows of symmetrically aligned white wooden crosses descend the slope in an eye-catching display.

    A short distance uphill from the crosses, a huge American flag flies at half-staff. Just below it, a large sign bears the words “Cost of War” and lists the number of American military personnel killed thus far in the war in Iraq.

    “It´s gone from 3,909 to 3,929 in a week,” said John Rost, who owns the property on which the Cost of War Memorial is located. “It´s hard to believe we´re wasting young lives at that rate.”

    Begun in September 2005 by members of the Wood County Young Democrats and an amalgamation of individuals opposed to the war in Iraq, the roadside memorial is maintained and its death toll updated each Sunday by a small group of volunteers.

    Electric cords trail from the front porch of Rost´s 19th-century farmhouse, on which a “God Bless America” sign is perched, to a battery of lights that illuminate the memorial at night.

    “We wanted to do something to show that we miss these soldiers,” said Rhonda McNamara, who along with fellow Parkersburg resident David Daniels helped plan and build the memorial. “We wanted to have something that would remind people every day of what we´ve lost.”

    McNamara, whose eldest son worked in Iraq for a defense contractor following an eight-year military career and whose younger son serves in the West Virginia National Guard, said the hillside display on the John Rost farm helps passers-by visualize the scale of loss the war has produced.

    “Picture a person standing next to each of those crosses, and you understand what we´ve lost in a way that a number doesn´t convey,” she said.

    “We hope this will get people to stop and evaluate what we´re doing in Iraq and think about the human cost that would be involved in moving into Iran, which is now being talked about,” said Daniels.

    “We´ve had a surprising number of people see the memorial from the road and stop by to get a better look, take pictures, or even help us with money to help keep it lighted at night,” said Rost. “They´ve come from as far away as Washington and California and Maine and Louisiana.”

    Rost, a World War II Navy veteran, said he has heard only positive comments from the passers-by who stop.

    “I know there are people who absolutely disagree with the way I feel about the war in Iraq, but no one has called me unpatriotic or accused me of not being for our troops,” said Rost.

    Rost says he approves of the American military effort in Afghanistan, but sees no justifiable purpose for continuing the war in Iraq.

    “Not a single Iraqi attacked us, and there were no weapons of mass destruction,” he said. “To my mind, having so many of our people die in Iraq is just sad.”

    “It´s discouraging that so many Americans still believe that by fighting in Iraq, we´re fighting the 9/11 terrorists,” said Daniels, “but more and more people are realizing that the war can´t be justified, and there are cool heads on both sides of the aisle. I just hope they prevail.”

    “Our political views are irrelevant,” said memorial volunteer Larry Block of Belpre, Ohio, a two-tour veteran of the Vietnam War. “We´re honoring the lives of those who have sacrificed.”

    Daniels said a core group of about a dozen volunteers performs weekend maintenance tasks at the memorial, which include replacing or repainting weather-worn crosses, adding new crosses to match the current casualty toll, clearing brush and cutting grass.

    “Sometimes people who see us working on the memorial from the road will stop and help out,” said Daniels. A carload of travelers from Texas was among those lending a hand during a recent Sunday spruce-up session.

    “If we can get people to stop and think about the cost of war, we´re successful,” said Daniels. “There´s more to supporting our troops than bumper stickers and yellow ribbons.”

    To contact staff writer Rick Steelhammer, call 304-348-5169.

    Memorial Photos:

    Rhonda McNamara gathers crosses in need of repair or replacement from the Cost of War Memorial along U.S. 50 east of Parkersburg.

    David Daniels and Rhonda McNamara are among volunteers who maintain the Cost of War Memorial each Sunday.


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