British dinosaur ate fish

This video from Britain is called Baryonyx: the discovery of an amazing fish-eating dinosaur | Natural History Museum.

From the BBC:

British dino’s ‘crocodile skull’

By Anna-Marie Lever
Science and nature reporter, BBC News

Engineering techniques have shown an unusual British dinosaur Baryonyx walkeri fed on fish, despite it looking like a meat-eater.

The dino’s skull bent and stretched in the same way as the skull of today’s fish-eating crocodiles, even though it had clear differences in structure.

The early Cretaceous dinosaur was found in Surrey and lived at a time when the area was warmer and had lagoons.

The research is published in the Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology.

“While Baryonyx and fish-eating crocodiles have similar elongate jaws, conical teeth and a ‘nose’ with a bulbous tip of teeth, there are differences in their structure,” lead author Dr Emily Rayfield, from the University of Bristol, UK, told the BBC News website.

She explained: “Baryonyx has a narrow, domed skull, whilst crocodiles have a flat or tubular snout.”

However, through a combination of techniques, Dr Rayfield and her colleagues have shown that, “both skulls functioned the same way”.

See also here. And here.

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