Demonstrations against Guantanamo Bay

This video is called Guantanamo Unclassified.

From British daily News Line:

Saturday, 12 January 2008


HUNDREDS of demonstrators in orange boiler suits assembled next to the American Embassy in London yesterday, demanding: ‘Close Guantanamo Bay!’

They were demonstrating on the sixth anniversary of the opening of the US concentration camp, where detainees have been held without charge or trial, and which has been condemned as a ‘torture’ camp by human rights campaigners worldwide.

Yesterday’s protest organised by Amnesty International was part of protests taking place all over the world.

‘It’s time for Guantanamo Bay to close. After six long years these totally illegal detentions must come to an end,’ said Kate Allen, UK Director of Amnesty.

Photos of demonstration in Brussels: here.

Music video: REFUSE/ALL – Have A Happy Holiday In Guantanamo Bay used to be on YouTube, but was censored.

US appellate court rejects British victims’ suit for Guantánamo torture damages: here.

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