Over 1000 black grouse in England

This video is about a Black Grouse lek in Norway.

From Wildlife Extra:

Black Grouse turn the corner in England as numbers climb above 1000

Although times have been hard for the Black grouse, conservationists hope that the species may have turned the corner after years of decline thanks to more sensitive land management. A count undertaken last spring revealed that the English population, confined to the north Pennines, had passed a significant milestone with over 1,000 males being recorded, up from 800 in 1998.

North Pennines black grouse population down 40% in 2 years: here.

Black Grouse numbers in Northern England double in two years: here.

Black grouse in Wales: here.

An analysis of 124 of Europe’s common birds has revealed that over a 26-year period 56 species (45 percent) have declined across 20 European countries: here.

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