Rare birds at San Rafael National Park in Paraguay

This 2013 video is about San Rafael National Park in Paraguay.

From BirdLife:

Surveys reveal riches of San Rafael


Ten years of survey work in the San Rafael National Park in Paraguay have established that it is “as important for both avian diversity and threatened species as any other location in South America”. The 405 species recorded so far include 70 Atlantic Forest endemics, and 16 Near Threatened and 12 globally threatened species, including the Endangered Black-fronted Piping-Guan Pipile jacutinga and Marsh Seedeater Sporophila palustris. …

San Rafael is also important for grassland birds, with 93 species recorded, of which 14 were only found in this habitat, including the Vulnerable Saffron-cowled Blackbird Xanthopsar flavus, and the Vulnerable Chestnut Seedeater Sporophila cinnamomea, which like the Marsh Seedeater is a Mesopotamian Grasslands endemic.

Guyra Paraguay (BirdLife Partner) staff in Asunción, Paraguay, have received the disturbing news that three people have burnt down the visitors’ house at the Kanguery administrative center in Guyra Paraguay’s “Guyra Reta” reserve in San Rafael: here.

Paraguay’s first Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network site – right on the capital’s doorstep: here.

4 thoughts on “Rare birds at San Rafael National Park in Paraguay

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