Criminal inquiry over erased CIA torture tapes in the USA

This video from the USA is called Dan Abrams – Destruction of CIA Torture Tapes.

From the BBC:

Criminal inquiry over CIA tapes

The US justice department is to launch a criminal investigation into the CIA’s erasing of videotapes of interrogations of two al-Qaeda suspects. …

Critics have accused the CIA of a cover-up to hide evidence of possible torture and abuse of detainees. …

The hundreds of hours of footage, recorded in 2002, reportedly contained images of interrogation techniques including water-boarding, which simulates drowning.

President George W Bush has said that the US does not use torture but has not been specific about interrogation methods.

Congress are also examining exactly how and why the tapes came to be destroyed in 2005.

The House Intelligence Committee has called on Jose Rodriguez, the former CIA official who ordered the tapes destroyed, to appear at a hearing on 16 January.

The Bush administration has so far refused to co-operate with the congressional investigation.

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