Ice and tropical fish

This is a video of a big school of young clownfishes in a Rifwachter show aquarium.

Today, to the Taludweg.

Temperatures were a bit higher than yesterday. Some of the ice had melted. So, a bit more space for mallards, coots, and moorhens swimming. Near the Rifwachter aquarium shop at the old harbour, a man proved to be too heavy for the weak ice. He managed to climb out soon.

The mostly tropical fish at the Rifwachter were a contrast to the still wintery weather outside. Among the species on sale: cardinal tetras for 1 euro fifty each. Congo tetras were 4 euro 95. Siamese fighting fish varied in price from 6.95 to 17.95.

The small catfish species Corydoras polystictus were at 3.95.

2 thoughts on “Ice and tropical fish

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