Algerian history

This video is the trailer for Gillo Pontecorvo‘s film, Battle of Algiers.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Blood mixed with oil

(Sunday 23 December 2007)

Algeria: Anger of the Dispossessed by Martin Evans and John Phillips
(Yale University Press, £19.99)

GORDON PARSONS learns of the turbulent history of a troubled nation.

ALGERIAN history, like all history, is a palimpsest. Time is layered upon time so that one buried layer of history seeps through to the one above.”

A visit by French President Charles De Gaulle to Algeria this week in 1960 resulted in the killing of some 85 Muslim civilians by French security forces and rightwing settlers. The death toll may actually have been far higher. Strict French censorship made independent analysis of the government estimate impossible: here.

Nowhere in the guidebooks is there any mention about the Parisian massacre of Algerians on October 17 1961: here.

Ahmed Ben Bella: 1918-2012: here.

7 thoughts on “Algerian history

  1. AAPSO’s Statement on
    The Repercussions of Egypt-Algeria Match

    The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) is deeply concerned about the media campaigns and the aggressive behaviour that accompanied the World Cup qualifying matches between Egypt and Algeria. Such actions completely contradict with the history of the relations which link the two peoples and the two brotherly states.

    Recalling the role of the two peoples and the two states in leading and backing the liberation movements and in decolonization and appreciating their significant role in promoting solidarity amongst the peoples of the world and endorsing the south struggle for development and stability, AAPSO calls upon the Egyptian and Algerian governments, peoples, NGOs and the democratic and nationalistic forces to confront these aggressive campaigns which seek to nothing but harming the glorious history of the relations between the two peoples and their pioneering solidarity role on the regional and international levels. They should also work on reinforcing the ties and the historical and solidarity relations between the two countries and protecting and developing the economic and cultural interests between the two peoples.


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