US Bush administration implicated in torture tapes destruction scandal

This video from the USA is called CIA Torture Tapes Destroyed.

By Joe Kay:

Report indicates White House encouraged torture tape destruction

Administration demands retraction, calling news story “pernicious”

20 December 2007

At least four top White House lawyers knew about the existence of videotapes documenting the torture of prisoners held by the US Central Intelligence Agency, according to a report published Wednesday. One source has said that several officials strongly encouraged the destruction of the tapes to eliminate evidence of the interrogations.

The report, published in the New York Times, directly implicates leading figures in the Bush administration in the criminal destruction of evidence, in addition to the original crime of torture captured on the videotapes. In an indication of the extreme nervousness of the White House over the revelations, press secretary Dana Perino immediately issued a highly unusual statement condemning the article and demanding that the Times change its headline.

Update 21 December 2007: here.

See also here.

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