Allosaurus and other dinosaurs discovered in Thailand

This is a video about the allosaurus, and the BBC’s ‘Big Al’.

Xinhua news agency reports:

Allosaurus fossil found in northeastern Thailand

15:08, December 18, 2007

An excavation in Thailand’s Northeast has discovered fossils of various dinosaurs, among them those of allosaurus, the biggest-sized carnivorous dinosaur species that have been found in Thailand, local newspaper The Nation reported on Tuesday.

Excavation at Ban Saphan Hin village in Muang district (provincial seat) of Nakhon Ratchasima Province uncovered allosaurus, iguanodon, duckbilled dinosaur and pterosaurs fossils in conglomerate layers dating back 100 million years, Dr. Pratuang Jintasakul, director of the Nakhon Ratcha-sima Rajabhat University Petrified Wood and Mineral Resources Research Institute and Museum, announced Monday.

“Allosaurus is the biggest carnivorous dinosaur species to have been found in Thailand,” Dr. Pratuang was quoted by Tuesday’ newspaper The Nation as saying.

Allosaurus is a late-Jurassic carnivorous dinosaur. It is similar to, but somewhat smaller, than the tyrannosaurus. Yet, allosaurus used to stand as tall as 10 meters. “From what we have found, some of its teeth are 10 centimeters long,” Pratuang said.

Pratuang said his institute had found piles of dinosaur fossils and rocks in the suburbs of Khon Kaen province, neighboring Nakhon Ratchasima, over the past seven years. In 2005, he invited Chinese dinosaur expert Professor Dong Zhiming to help classify the fossils. “In all, there are more than 1,000 dinosaur fossils,” he said.

Iguanodon relative discovered in England: here.


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