Egyptian geese and fungi

This is a video of an Egyptian goose; recorded in Spain.

Today, to Schaep en Burg and Boekesteyn nature reserves.

A great cormorant flying overhead. A bit later, a grey heron.

The “Boeke” in Boekesteyn comes from a Dutch word for beech tree. There are many beech trees; and, in this time of the year, many beechnuts.

Many chaffinches were present to eat beechnuts. They were lucky that these beeches grew along a path in a nature reserve, not along a road for cars. As chaffinches trying to eat beechnuts on roads may get killed by cars.

Many sounds of nuthatches. Great tits; blue tits; robins; blackbirds; wood pigeons.

It had been freezing during the night, and many ditches were still frozen. Two Egyptian geese flying across a bit of open water.

In spite of the frost, still some fungi, including sulphur tuft and Trametes versicolor.

On the way back, in Gooilust, candlesnuff fungus on a tree stump.

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