Christian fundamentalist creationist murders evolutionist

In this video:

UK Comedian Robin Ince talks about Creationism and Intelligent Design. From the show “Comedy Cuts” aired 2007/03/15 on ITV in the UK.

From AMERICAblog, based on The Independent:

The religion of peace, as Fox News might say [about Islam, in Fox news’ case].

A bizarre row about evolution versus creationism led to an English backpacker fatally stabbing a Scottish backpacker during a fruit-picking trip to earn money for their travels.

Alexander York, 33, from Essex, was sentenced to a maximum of five years in jail yesterday for the manslaughter of Rudi Boa, 28, a biomedical student from Inverness.

Good that the murderer Alexander York was an extremist Christian, not an extremist Muslim.

Else, his act might have been the pretext for fanatics burning mosques with no connection at all with Rudi Boa’s death.

Else, his act might have been the pretext for another ‘war against terror’ clamored for by Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, killing many Muslim civilians who had nothing to do with this murder.

Creationists plan British theme park: here.

Bush vs. evolution: here.

Islam, creationism, and evolution: here.

7 thoughts on “Christian fundamentalist creationist murders evolutionist

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