Italian and Belgian music in Utrecht cathedral

This music video is called Matona mia cara. Orlando di Lasso (with English and Italian subtitles).

This afternoon, like most Saturday afternoons, there was again a concert in the cathedral of Utrecht.

This time, there were mainly short works; by Dutch, Belgian, and Italian composers from the late fifteenth till the early seventeenth century.

All works were either for flute or for vocals. The lyrics of the vocals were all in Latin. They were religious pieces of music, with as their theme Mary, the mother of Jesus according to Christian tradition.

There were vocal works by Orlandus Lassus (1532-1594), born in the French speaking south of what it is now Belgium. He is also known as Orlando di Lasso, from the time that he got his musical education in Italy.

Also vocal music by Lassus’ Italian contemporary Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa.

In between the vocals, there was the flute player Sacha Mommertz, playing music by Giovanni Bassano and Aurelio Virgiliano from Italy, and Jacob van Eyck from the Netherlands.

The last music of today were vocals, by Flemish composer Jacob Obrecht (1450-1515).

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