US Bush administration isolated at Bali climate conference

This video from the USA is called Climate change evidence doctoring by Bush investigated.

By Patrick Martin:

The two-week UN-sponsored conference on climate change on the Indonesian island of Bali has been dominated by the intransigence of the Bush administration and the mounting conflicts among the great powers, particularly between the United States and the European Union.

United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the official sponsor of the conference, submitted a document calling on the industrialized nations to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 25 to 40 percent by 2020, compared to 1990 levels. The document had wide support among the delegates, but required unanimous approval.

The Bush administration delegation, virtually isolated among the 12,000 in attendance on Bali, flatly rejected any practical measures to combat global warming, blocking the adoption of numerical targets for the reduction of greenhouse emissions.

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6 thoughts on “US Bush administration isolated at Bali climate conference

  1. Bush Manipulation of Federal Science Data on Environment

    Posted by: “bigraccoon” redwoodsaurus
    Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:21 pm (PST)


    CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR – At least since 2003, and especially
    after hurricane Katrina hit, the White House has broadly
    attempted to control which climate scientists could speak with
    reporters, as well as editing scientists’ congressional
    testimony on climate science and key legal opinions, according
    to a new report by a House committee. “The Bush Administration
    has engaged in a systematic effort to manipulate climate change
    science and mislead policy makers and the public about the
    dangers of global warming,” said the report, which is the result
    of a 16-month probe by the Committee on Oversight and Government
    Reform. “The White House exerted unusual control over the public
    statements of federal scientists on climate change issues.”


  2. Bush History 12/23: Your Taxes Used to Distort Research
    Posted by: “frankofbos” frankofbos
    Sun Dec 23, 2007 3:47 pm (PST)

    A year-end look-back at the Bush years…

    On this Date in Bush History 12/23: Your Tax Dollars Distorting Data

    2003: President Bush’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today issues the “National Healthcare Disparities Report”, requested by Congress to determine any role that race and income play in healthcare quality.

    The report is based on a study chaired by Dr. Alan Nelson, a former president of the American Medical Association. The study’s key findings: “Disparities in the health care delivered to racial and ethnic minorities are real and are associated with worse outcomes in many cases … The real challenge lies not in debating whether disparities exist, because the evidence is overwhelming, but in developing and implementing strategies to reduce and eliminate them”.

    A draft of the HHS report included many of the facts from this study. That is when President Bush’s political appointees got involved. The tone of the final HHS report was modified to minimize reports of healthcare discrepancies.

    A Congressional investigation into administration manipulation reported: “In the June draft, the Department’s scientists found ‘significant inequality’ … called healthcare disparities ‘national problems’, emphasized that these disparities are ‘pervasive in our health care system’, and found that the disparities carry a significant ‘personal and societal price’. The final version of the report amazingly contains none of these conclusions. Indeed, a one-sided presentation of facts paints a rosy picture. According to the Congressional investigation, “the executive summary highlights that ‘American Indians/Alaska Natives have a lower death rate from all cancers’. The executive summary does not mention that overall life expectancies for American Indians and Alaska Natives are significantly shorter than for other Americans or that their infant mortality rates are substantially higher”. The draft report included the word “disparity” over 30 times in the “key findings”; after Bush administration tinkering “disparity” appears only twice.

    Do we really need to be spending tax dollars to hire people to distort the findings of researchers reporting data to Congress? Apparently, the Bush administration believes that we do.

    Excerpted from the 2008 Bush Calendar:


  3. 4.
    Bush’s Class Warfare
    Posted by: “lilgeorgiehas2go” lilgeorgiehas2go
    Sun Dec 23, 2007 8:24 pm (PST)

    Just a week before Christmas, President Bush gave corporate America two big presents. On Tuesday, his Federal Communications Commission changed the rules to allow the nation’s giant conglomerates to further consolidate their grip on the media by permitting them to purchase TV and radio stations in the same local markets where they already own daily newspapers. As a gift to the country’s automobile industry, Bush’s Environmental Protection Agency ruled Wednesday, over the objections of the agency’s staff, that California, the nation’s largest and most polluted state, and 16 other states, can’t impose regulations to limit greenhouse gases from cars and trucks that are stronger than the federal government’s own weak standards.

    So far, no major politicians or editorial writers have labeled these actions “class warfare,” although this is precisely what Bush is engaged in — helping the already rich and powerful at the expense of everyone else. Class warfare is, in fact, the very essence of Bush’s tenure in the White House. In thousands of ways, big and small, Bush has promoted the interests of the very rich and the largest corporations. Corporate lobbyists have the run of the White House. Their agenda – tax cuts for the rich and big business, attacks on labor unions, and the weakening of laws protecting consumers, workers and the environment from corporate abuse – is Bush’s agenda.

    For example, Bush has handed the pharmaceutical industry windfall profits by restricting Medicare’s ability to negotiate for lower prices for medicine. He targeted huge no-bid federal contracts to crony companies like Haliburton to supply emergency relief, reconstruction services and materials to rebuild Katrina while attempting to slash federal wage laws for reconstruction workers. He repealed Clinton-era “ergonomics” standards, affecting more than 100 million workers, that would have forced companies to alter their work stations, redesign their facilities or change their tools and equipment if employees suffered serious work-related injuries from repetitive motions. He opposed stiffer health and safety regulations to protect mine workers and cut the budget for federal agencies that enforce mine safety laws. Not surprisingly, under Bush, we’ve seen the largest number of mine accidents and deaths in years. Bush’s Food and Drug Administration lowered product-labeling standards, allowing food makers to list health claims on labels before they have been scientifically proven. His FDA chief announced that the agency would no longer require claims to be based on “significant scientific agreement,” a change that the National Food Processors Association, the trade association of the $500 billion food processing industry, had lobbied for. Bush resisted efforts to raise the minimum wage (which had been stuck at $5.15 an hour for nine years) until the Democrats took back the Congress earlier this year.



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