Women of Iraq much worse off under Bush than under Saddam

This video from the USA says about itself:

Iraq Women Speak Out (Excerpt)

In March 2006, Code Pink invited eight Iraqi Women to the U.S. to speak about their experiences under the U.S. invasion and occupation. They were doctors, engineers, professors, and journalists. Two of the women had their entire families killed by U.S. troops. They were denied visas to enter the U.S. on the grounds that they did not have sufficient family to guarantee they would return to Iraq.

Iraq Women Speak Out (Excerpt 2) is here.

Excerpt 3 is here.

From British daily The Guardian:

Freedom lost

After the invasion of Iraq, the US government claimed that women there had ‘new rights and new hopes’. In fact their lives have become immeasurably worse, with rapes, burnings and murders now a daily occurrence.

Deterioration of Iraqi Women’s Rights and Living Conditions Under Occupation:here.

Haifa Zangana interview: here.

Iraqi beauticians forced underground: here.

IRAQ: Not Even the Hajj is Free of Corruption: here.

UK arms sales to Saddam Hussein: here.

3 thoughts on “Women of Iraq much worse off under Bush than under Saddam

  1. By Tina Susman for the Los Angeles Times, 11 December 2007:

    BAGHDAD — The Iraqi government has ordered all policewomen to hand in their guns for redistribution to men or face having their pay withheld, thwarting a U.S. initiative to bring women into the nation’s police force.

    The Interior Ministry, which oversees the police, issued the order late last month, according to ministry documents, U.S. officials and several of the women. It affects all officers who have earned the title “policewoman” by graduating from the police academy. It does not apply to men in the same type of jobs.

    Critics say the move is the latest sign of the religious and cultural conservatism that has taken hold in Iraq since Saddam Hussein’s ouster ushered in a government dominated by Shiite Muslims.


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