TV series about Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”

This video is called Howard Zinn “Just War” (part 1).

Part 2 is here.

Reuters reports:

Damon, Vedder to teach “People’s History”

By Carly Mayberry

Tue Dec 11, 3:33 AM PST

Matt Damon, Marisa Tomei and Eddie Vedder will contribute their talents to a documentary miniseries based on historian-author Howard Zinn‘s 1980 book “A People’s History of the United States.”

Titled “The People Speak,” the project will feature music and readings based on America’s struggles with war, class, race and the rights of women. No network is attached yet.

Damon and Tomei, along with Viggo Mortensen, Josh Brolin, Danny Glover, David Strathairn and Kerry Washington, will provide performances for the project, which will interweave archival footage, photographs and interviews. Pearl Jam frontman Vedder and R&B singer John Legend will handle the music.

“It’s going to be a great piece of entertainment but more importantly something people can watch and learn and remember how great this country has been and how individual people have changed the course of history,” said executive producer Chris Moore.

See also here.

People’s Music Network in the USA: here.

5 thoughts on “TV series about Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”

  1. A Young Peoples History of the United States

    Vol. 1 by Howard Zinn

    Adapted by Rebecca Stefoff

    Columbus to the Spanish-American War

    From the introduction: We all need heroes, people to admire, to see as examples of how human beings should live. But I prefer to see BartolomĂ© de Las Casas as a hero, for exposing Coumbus’s violent behavior against the Indians he encountered in the Bahamas. I prefer to see the Cherokee Indians as heroes, for resisting their removal from the lands on which they lived. To me, it is Mark Twain who is a hero, because he denounced President Theodore Roosevelt after Roosevelt praised an American general who had massacred hundreds of people in the Philippines. I consider Helen Keller a hero because she protested against President Woodrow Wilson’s decision to send young Americans into the slaughterhouse of the First World War.

    My point of view, which is critical of war, racism, and economic injustice, carries over to the situation we face in the United States today.

    Volumn One begins with a look at Christopher Columbus’s arrival through the eyes of the Arawak Indians and leads the reader through the protests against imperialism during the Spanish-American War. Also available, Volume Two (click here).

    Seven Stories, hardcover, 192pp, glossary, index, illustrated.


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