Plan to save Anne Frank’s chestnut tree in Amsterdam

This is a video about Anne Frank‘s secret annexe and horse chestnut tree.

Translated from Dutch daily Het Parool:

AMSTERDAM – The opponents of the plans to cut down Anne Frank’s tree have made a design for a steel construction, which will have to support the famous [horse-]chestnut tree.

The local authority Amsterdam-Centrum and the Anne Frank Foundation want to cut down the tree, which Anne Frank used to watch from her family’s secret annexe. The chestnut tree of 27 tons is supposedly so ill that it may fall down at any moment, posing a danger to its surroundings. However, the Tree Foundation, along with some neighbours went to a judge; that judge decided on 20 November that first, there had to be looks at possible alternatives to save the tree. …

Also, at the moment there is research about the Ganoderma adspersum fungus harming the chestnut tree in the garden of Keizersgracht 188. According to the local authority and the Anne Frank Stichting, that is a lethal form; the Tree foundation and the neighbours don’t think so.

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