Crisis in British nazi party

This 2010 video from Britain is called BNP Councillor: “I don’t hate Hitler”.

According to British magazine Searchlight:

Crisis engulfs the BNP

Nick Lowles

The BNP is today in deep crisis after the expulsion from the party of two of its national officers. According to a notice posted on Sunday 9 December on the revamped BNP website, Sadie Graham, the party’s hard-working group development officer, and Kenny Smith, in charge of administration, have been “removed from their posts with immediate effect on the grounds of gross misconduct and now face disciplinary charges over alleged offences against the BNP Constitution and Code of Conduct”.

It appears that a number of other people, including several organisers and councillors, have also left the party. As this site goes live it seems that five of the party’s regional organisers have resigned, four BNP councillors have withdrawn the whip and are now Independent Nationalist councillors, five Advisory Council members are backing the rebellion as are several other local branch organisers.

See also here.

Good riddance to bad nazi rubbish. It is to be hoped the self destruction will go all the way.

Update 13 December 2007: here.

22 December 2007: here.

BNP leader defends rape: here.

Anti African scientist James Watson himself of partly African ancestry: here.

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