Nuthatch, buzzard, and fungi

This video says about itself:

Seen at the butterfly garden at Waalre, the Netherlands: the European nuthatch (Sitta europaea).

Today, to the Corversbos and Gooilust near Hilversum.

Though there were not as many fungi as in October, there were still quite some because of the lack of night frost so far this year.

Soon, a buzzard flying. Then, a male chaffinch drinking from a liddle puddle in a Corversbos road.

A bit further, in Gooilust, a nuthatch on a big old dead tree. It climbed all the way up, in circles. Sometimes you saw it; then you didn’t. Finally, it arrived at the dead tree top.

A bit further, beautiful views of a buzzard, flying to a tree top, then flying further.

Great tits and blue tits.

In a meadow, groops of rooks and wood pigeons.

Sulfur tuft, and Trametes versicolor fungi.

On a tree. various fungi species; including black witch’s butter.

Later, back along a Corversbos road, white helvella fungi.

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